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What we believe in

At GBtutors we believe that education should not only be about passing an exam or getting a qualification. It should be about awakening curiosity, inspiring people and enhancing knowledge. That is why we take particular care when selecting our tutors. If someone is to become a tutor with us, he or she should be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and accomplished.

Why you can trust us

Our credo is that the first step to learn is to trust your teacher's ability, integrity and expertise. Because of this, we take extra care to hire the most qualified and trustworthy tutors. That way you can focus only on the learning. The selection process for our tutors is very strict:

  • Our tutors are first verified and we keep a copy of their ID with us
  • We also keep a copy of our tutors' qualifications.
  • We personally interview all our tutors to find out if they have the right personality to teach.
  • We ask our tutors to hold a mini lesson so that we can personally verify their teaching skills.
  • We maintain the quality of our services by monitoring the tutors progress and encouraging them to attend training seminars as well as asking feedback from the tutors.

Why we stand out

We are different to other tutoring agencies. We do not leave you alone at any stage and our services are not limited to bringing a student and a tutor together. We go beyond that and offer the following services

  • Geek Club
  • Study Corner
  • Job Board
  • Black Board

Why teach with us

We offer great opportunities for tutoring jobs in London. One of the leading search engine marketing firms ensures that our tutors receive many requests by being highly visible on google.

Unlike other agencies, we respect your freedom to choose your own rate and schedule. Our membership fees start from as little as £10 a month and are completely risk free. For any month you don't receive any teaching requests, we will give you a month completely free. On top of that, should you decide to go on a break, you can go on free standby mode.

We know that for a tutor jobs in teaching are more than just work. It is a platform to share knowledge and improve yourself. That is why we collect feedback from students to share with you. Also, we are always there to listen to your problems